Ground report:Std 1 to 5 schools started from today, students said, happy to meet friends and teachers after a long time

  • The parents who gave consent form gave admission to their children
  • Parents are still giving consent, so schools will be fully started in two days

    The Minister of Education announced to start Std. 1 to 5 schools in the state from today, on the basis of which offline education has been started in schools. Students have not been able to come to the schools yet as they have to get the consent form of the parents. The children have been admitted as some schools have completed the fast process and obtained the consent form. The chirping of students has started from early morning in Ahmedabad city schools.

    The children were admitted to the school with the consent form
    . The consent forms were filled up by this morning by texting and calling the parents. Also classes were sanitized. The children of the parents who gave their consent have been given admission in the schools from today. On the other hand, there was still a rush to get the consent of the parents at the school in the morning.

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    The children came to the
    school happily. The children were also happy when the school started and if they came to the school happily, consent letter will be given by many schools from today. The consent form will be filled in 2 days today and tomorrow. Then in 2 days the schools will be fully started. In addition, the online classes of the children whose parents do not give consent will also be continued.

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    Jiah Patel, a student of Nishan School, said that it was a great pleasure to meet his friends and teachers. We will also keep a social distance by wearing masks at school and follow the instructions given by the school. A student named Hetal Suthar said that it was a great pleasure to come to school today. My guardian has also given consent. I have been given a mask and sanitizer from home, which I use at school. Today I have come to school after a long time so it feels good.

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    “Children who do not have the consent of their parents will be taught online,
    ” said Vishal Patel, the school’s co-ordinator. Consent was then obtained from several guardians. At school we send the child to class only after wearing a mask and sanitizing. The consent of many parents is yet to come, after which the whole school will start. In addition, children of parents who do not consent will be taught online.