18th CNG price hike of the year:Prices rise by Rs 2.50 to Rs 70.09, Autorickshaw Welfare Association demands minimum fare of Rs 30

CNG prices continue to rise. On Saturday, CNG prices rose by Rs 2.50 to Rs. 70.09. In one year, the price of CNG has gone up from Rs 53.7 to Rs 70.09. CNG prices have risen 18 times in a single year.

Raju Sirke, president of Rickshaw-Autorickshaw Driver Welfare Assoc. However, if the price of CNG is increased in this way, then even if the rickshaw pullers do not see the increase in the fare, now the minimum fare should be increased from Rs 18 to Rs 30. While Rs 20 per km has also been introduced in running km.

When and how much?

DateCNG price
25 Jan.202053.67
April 852.67
April 954.82
April 2753.17
10 October51.86
16 November52.36
25 Jan. 202153.67
17 February54.62
July 855.3
6 August56.3
2 October58.56
6 October59.86
11 October61.49
17 October62.99
November 264.99
5 December65.74
19 December67.59
1 Jan. 202270.09
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